Goldie Berencsi, founder of Healing Without the High, is part of a growing movement to create herbal cannabis products for pets. Her ongoing education in the "Cannabis Science and Research" lab courses coupled with the companies independent case studies of her products provide you with the highest standards in developmental of herbal cannabis-based products for your pets.

Meet Goldie

Goldie Berencsi is a cannabis nutraceutical product developer for animals, an Oregon State licensed Holistic Pet Practitioner licensed in research and product development in Portland, OR with a strong interest in botanicals and pain management. Their sister affiliate company is K9Herbalist that takes a full spectrum approach to your pet's wellness by aiding you in building a platform of health through dietary and holistic modalities to create core health.

Goldie furthered her education in Cannabis Law & Science course study in 2014. In 2018 she completed a field of study in cannabis and certification Grade 98% in cannabinoid medicine, cannabis science and extraction, patient and pet care providing safe and effective cannabis support, she continues her work with independent case studies on the effects of CBD in animals, as well as authoring a forthcoming book detailing a definitive guide to creating your cannabis herbal tinctures for pets.



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Legal Disclaimer: Healing Without the High does not distribute or sell products that are in violation of the United States Controlled Substances Act (CSA, USC) but do manufacture, produce, sell and distribute hemp-based products in accordance to Oregon State Law.
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