Welcome to The Gold Path Project 


Responsibly advancing health for our animals through medical therapeutic cannabis products.

As an herbalist I feel the most medical treatment options for humans can be created for our beloved pets responsibly through the use of medical cannabis.

HWTH has created an organization through our Research and Development program named 'The Gold Path Project" for pet owners seeking alternative therapies in our research on the effects of CBD for pets.

We are dedicated to the research and development of a myriad of products that could have excellent medicinal value for a wide range of conditions for your pet , utilizing medical cannabis to alleviate and manage chronic pain and many other medical conditions as research now proves the efficacy of medical cannabis in humans as well as animals.

We are currently producing proprietary strains under an OMMP license held by our founding partner which are being laboratory tested to provide data for our Research & Development program.

As we look into the complex sides of medical cannabis for our pets numerous studies suggest that medical cannabis has been proven effectively not only in humans but also in pets.

If you would like to participate in our program please contact us at 541-350-6421