About Our Book


Our forthcoming book, titled "Healing Without the High", will be a
definitive guide to preparing and administering medical cannabis tinctures
for your pets.

This highly researched, informative book will enable pet owners to provide their pets with holistic natural products without the side effects of other agents on the market today. "Healing Without the High" is destined to become a valuable resource for all pet owners interested in preparing medical cannabis tinctures for their dogs and cats.


More Than A Recipe Book—
A Comprehensive Guide!

The internet provides no end of how-to videos and articles for creating recipes for your own hemp tinctures. Our book is different, providing an overview in each chapter of calculations-weight volume ratio-dosage protocol with step-by-step instructions for creating your own tinctures, offering  peace of mind to pet owners and ensuring the safety of our lab tested product, how medical marijuana actually works within your pet's system, and a wealth of other valuable information. What you gain is a full understanding of the amazing benefits of medical cannabis tinctures!

Supported Entirely
Through Donations

We're building this book from scratch. It takes a lot of time, effort and revenue to make this dream of ours come true. If you believe in this amazing project like we do, and you'd like to back it, please visit our donations page to show your support. There are even gifts to be had!

Book Proceeds Will
Accomplish Great Things

Revenue generated from sales of this book will fund ongoing work and research through our affiliate partner K9Herbalist as we jointly strive to develop a line of our own best-in-class veterinary-grade botanical cannabis tinctures.