Healing Without the High will begin our documented independent pilot studies utilizing industrial hemp as an alternative therapy for your pet beginning September 1st 2016 through observations and indications.

Our goal is to prepare you and your pet for the best possible outcome when considering an alternative treatment. 
Our products carry a certificate of analysis and are all organic for your pets safety.
Protocols/Dosages are customized specifically for your pets condition. 

Our program is structured with a treatment plan that comes full circle, focusing on dietary and supplemental suggestions with a customized protocol for your pet.

a.) Discussion of the pet owners needs, beliefs and goals for the pet.

b.) Development of a personalized therapeutic program for the pet and family

c.) Outline of dietary and supplemental support with veterinary grade botanicals.

A log sheet used for data will be given to client to track dosage, symptoms/negative or positive changes in the pet. This form will be returned to us upon completion of study.

This program offers 1 home visit, 1 oz medical tincture, an outlined dosed protocol summary, dietary and supplemental suggestions for your pet. A donation of $75 is greatly appreciated as this program help offset our costs/ compilations/product/ lab analysis that are put forth in a safe customized plan for your pet. The length of the study will depend on the pet needs, condition etc, meaning it could be 7-10 days or 2-4 weeks, we mutually arrive at this decision together.

As with any new botanical therapy it is important to stay calm and open, your intention using medicinal botanicals should be filled with love, patients, compassion and education. 

If you would like to enroll in our program please e-mail us at healingwithoutthehigh@gmail.com

Our best to you and your pet!